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Modern Address Numbers

When was the last time you looked at your address on the side of your home? If the numbers are old, they may be hard to read during the day and impossible to read at night. At Modern Lights, we help you update your home so that it looks modern and has all of the conveniences you’d like, including modern address numbers.

Why Update Your Address Numbers?

Address numbers are more important today than they ever were before. Everyone is getting more packages, food, and other essentials delivered. If the delivery person can’t see your address number, then they may take longer to get your items to you or they may deliver them to the wrong house entirely. With our LumaNumbers, your address is always easy for everyone, delivery people and guests alike, to see.

At night, your address is even more difficult to see. But at Modern Lights, our LumaNumbers give you sophisticated back-lit numbers. These numbers light up at night allowing anyone to see where you are. This means that no matter if you’re getting a late-night pizza or are holding an event at your home, your delivery person or guest can see the address clearly.

What Sets Our Numbers Apart?

Our LumaNumbers use LED lights, which means that they are both powerful and durable. You won’t have to switch out the bulbs often or worry about them growing dim. We also manufacture the address numbers ourselves to ensure that they meet our high-quality standards. They come in two sizes so that you can have one that doesn’t look too large or too small on your property.

With our back-lit, LED modern address numbers, your home will stand out and impress your visitors. Visit our gallery to see some examples of our address numbers, then call Modern Lights at 650.834.9600 with any questions you have or fill out our support form.