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Light Up Street Address Signs

Are you frustrated when you can’t find a specific home or business in the dark? Do you wish you could see their street address clearly? Allow visitors to your property to find you safely and easily with light-up street address signs from Modern Lights.

Why Have Lighted Street Address Signs?

Why invest in this remarkable product? Lighted street address signs help with:

  • Convenience: People can easily and quickly find your property with backlit street address signs. Don’t let visitors get frustrated or lost and miss your property altogether.
  • Safety: In the dark, things are hard to see. People might be so focused on trying to find your property they don’t see other things and get in an accident.

You’ll only find the best lighted street address signs with Modern Lights.

How Can We Help?

If you’re interested in our light-up street address signs, we’re here to help. We offer our products to both distributors and homeowners. If you’re a homeowner, discover where you can buy our products. If you’re a distributor, we welcome your interest and look forward to working with you.

Our lighted street address signs are customizable in black, bronze, and brushed nickel stainless steel, and black, silver, and bronze ABS polymer. Each number is precisely cut, and the full address can rest against a mounting plate of a contrasting color. We also provide power supplies to light up the numbers.

We ensure that all our light-up street address signs are quality-made and upscale in design. You can express a contemporary look for your home or business with our signs.

If you want to find out more about our products, we provide various resources, such as our informational video, installation manuals in English and Spanishproduct specs, and installation templates.